The world around us will change significantly due to spatial computing & immersive technologies, and we want that to be a change for good.

AN/RK is building new forms of content powered by new tools within augmented, virtual and mixed reality. We incubate new stories and products from the ground up to bring them to market, with a focus on multi-platform strategy and partnerships to help them grow.

We received a seed investment from Snap Inc, through their accelerator Yellow, powering our growth and opening up new opportunities.

Much of our work is in stealth right now, but we’d love to update you on what we are up to in a call, and find ways to collaborate.


Lets build the future together





AN/RK is a technology & entertainment collective, with talent spread out over the world. It was founded by Anrick, an award-winning cross-disciplinary Director to explore immersive storytelling through AR, VR, Volumetric, and beyond. Our work takes many forms and lies at the intersection of narrative and experiential technology.

We are passionate about finding real stories, and using processes based on deep research, iterative prototyping and world-building to bring them to life.




AN/RK creates immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences into a different point of view, and builds the tools needed for these experiences to exist. Their work allows them to experience the world in a way they themselves have never seen before. The work we do is about exploration and sometimes works as art installations, sometimes as transmedia, and sometimes as immersive entertainment.




Like the internet before it, augmented, mixed and virtual reality ('the new realities') will reach into every part of our lives and represent a new piece of infrastructure upon which we will build applications, tools, platforms and types of entertainment we haven't dreamed of yet. A new digital layer that will, with volumetric capture, computer vision, and AI & machine learning, transform how we perceive the world.This new digital layer gives us new powers, and new responsibilities.

And what we do in this layer today defines our future tomorrow. It is within these New Realities that AN/RK creates and explores.

We build valuable tools and exciting experiences on top of this new digital, spatial layer. With a high level of technical understanding, and a unique creative approach, we create for the generation of devices that we will wear, not hold in our hands



AN/RK is an Official Snapchat Lens Creator & Creative Partner. We are exploring the future of Augmented Reality already today, as an Official Snapchat Lens Creator, Creative Partner, and a Spark AR developer. The tools we use today will gradually feed into the wearable devices we’ll use tomorrow.

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We have consulted for companies like Google, Microsoft, Nike and Sony, and collaborated with organizations such as The Guardian, UNHCR, the V&A, and PBS, to name a few. Over the past decade, we’ve built some of the most innovative immersive work, with some of the best talent.

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