Studio ANRK is a spatial storytelling studio. We explore stories made for wearable mixed reality devices, experiment with new story formats, and build the tools we need from the ground up. We're leveraging these tools to bring stories to public spaces and into people’s homes all over the world.


We work with the leading HMD and wearable devices to create content, and redefine what storytelling means.


We are actively researching what the future of entertainment looks like, focusing specifically on location based experiences and virtual humans & pets.


Volumetric capture is an essential tool in our arsenal, because we value the authenticity of an actor, or a celebrity or influencer. Our work in this space is ground-breaking and award-winning.


We are building our next signature project, combining virtual & augmented reality, virtual humans, and volumetric capture. This project, is called Future Drift. More news soon.




We are a technology & entertainment collective spread out over the world, and a decade of intensive collaboration between the worlds best talent working in interactive storytelling, augmented and virtual reality, volumetric capture, and code art. Team AN/RK has extensive experience in strategy, concept development, and using creative technology. But most of all, we are builders, creators and artists.


Lets build the future together