We are actively researching what the future of entertainment looks like, focusing specifically on location based experiences and virtual humans & pets.


Volumetric capture is an essential tool in our arsenal, because we value the authenticity of an actor, or a celebrity or influencer. Our work in this space is ground-breaking and award-winning.


We are building our next signature project, combining virtual & augmented reality, virtual humans, and volumetric capture. This project, is called Future Drift. More news soon.




Exploring spatial & immersive storytelling through volumetric and AR/VR

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Spatial computing & immersive technologies will change our world in big ways and small, and we want that to be a change for good.

AN/RK is a studio building new forms of content powered by the tools and technology of the future. We explore augmented, virtual and mixed reality, incubate new story formats, and sometimes build the tools we need from the ground up. We focus on a multi-platform distribution strategy and look for partnerships to help them grow.

We received a seed investment from Snap Inc, through their accelerator Yellow, powering our growth and opening up new opportunities.


Lets build the future together



Symphony of Noise


Camp Century


Sea Prayer

An award-winning VR experience by The Guardian VR team, by the author Khaled Hosseini, and UNHCR.

Childfund: Inside Impact    View Project

Inside Impact

View Project

Water.org: Buy A Lady A Drink    View Project

Buy A Lady A Drink

View Project

Storm: A VR Game    View Project

Storm: A VR Game

View Project

Seat: Follow  The Essence    View Project

Seat: Follow
The Essence

View Project

Find Your  Way To Oz    View Project

Find Your
Way To Oz

View Project


Our goal is to transform the future of mixed reality storytelling,

and contribute to the major issues that humanity faces. The camera is at the center of storytelling. Spatial computing will merge the real and the virtual more and more. Diversity of opinion is valuable. People make sense of the world through stories, but they remember by doing.

photogrammetry — immersive storytelling — games & game mechanics — World building — journalism

We are inundated with opinions.

The traditional news industry is broken. Social media has ultimately polluted the landscape of public dialogue even more than it helped it. And in order to meet both the 24hr news cycle and the social media system, complex issues have been simplified to the point of being meaningless. Using VR & AR to tell stories allows the audience to think in ways that a film or article couldn't do. Using virtual reality as a medium creates more space for audience interpretation.




Studio ANRK was founded by Anrick Bregman, an award-winning cross-disciplinary Director, with 15 years experience in the immersive storytelling space, working extensively with VR, AR, volumetric and beyond.



Anne Snel Creative / London

Anne Snel
Creative / London

Stas Shcherbakov 3d Art / London

Stas Shcherbakov
3d Art / London

Rachel Uwa Educator / Berlin

Rachel Uwa
Educator / Berlin

Alex Kozobolis Music / London

Alex Kozobolis
Music / London