Our Ethics

ANRK Inc and the AN/RK website (the “Site”, “we”, “us” or “our”) facilitates the use of cutting edge digital technologies to make content for VR and AR wearable devices. This website exists to showcase and facilitate the telling of true stories of great products.

We commit to fair and transparent business practices ourselves. We promise to treat all members fairly, communicate our policies clearly, and support everyone to the best of our ability. We believe that one of the best ways to make sure AN/RK doesn’t become evil is through the use of decentralised technology – that is why AN/RK is working towards becoming a decentralised application operating on a blockchain.

That said, we also request a few things from you, too.


RESPECT IP RIGHTS. We’re a platform for makers and creators all along a product’s supply chain - but anyone can add data: Please only upload photos that you created or have written permission to use.

KEEP IT REAL. AN/RK is for real-life making, not airbrushed faux craft. Minimise the use of photo editing such as excessive filters, photo-collages, borders, faux-crops, overlaid text or vectors. Keep it raw and real.

TELL A STORY. Write some words to go with your photos. The context turns a pile of photos into a story. Sometimes just a few words can make all the difference.

KEEP IT IN CONTEXT. AN/RK is a platform for showcasing the people, places and processes behind the creation and lifecycle of products. We are social but AN/RK is not a social medium for uploads unrelated to products or their journey.

GIVE US FEEDBACK. Bumped into a bug? Something doesn’t look right? Seen something that shouldn’t be here? Have an idea for a feature? Tell us. We love hearing from you.

FLAG MISCONDUCT. Seen something made up or misrepresented on AN/RK? Call it out.


DON’T UPLOAD AN IMAGE YOU DIDN’T CREATE OR YOU DO NOT HAVE WRITTEN PERMISSION TO USE. Intellectual property rights (including copyright) violations will not be tolerated.

DON’T BE MEAN. Don’t use AN/RK to annoy, harass, or abuse anyone. Hate speech, impersonation, and intimidation are not allowed.

DON’T LIE. This is a platform for true stories, not for fiction.

DON’T MISREPRESENT. Whilst on higher tiers of the AN/RK service authenticity is proven, on the free tier it’s currently not. We ask you to seriously think about the content you upload. Someone will notice if it’s a complete misrepresentation of your work practice, and we will remove your contribution from our Site.

We reserve the right to remove any image, story, or member that violates these guidelines. We would love to see AN/RK flourish – so please don’t make us intervene.

Got a question about something not covered here? Just ask.

Contact us:

To contact us, send a message to a@anrk.co